When God Talks To You About Potatoes And You’re Like “What The Heck?”

The other day my house was really messy and my kids were being really naughty and I was too busy with naughty heads to clean the house. When Josiah finally got home I needed a break so I went into my room and laid on my bed.

I was trying to go to sleep when I felt like I needed to pray. So I started praying in tongues. Then I heard God say “potatoes.” And I was like “what the heck, God? That doesn’t make any sense.” Then I was like, “Oh! God must want me to make mashed potatoes for dinner. That sounds delicious.” Then I felt like God told me that’s not what he meant.

So I way just laying there in bed wondering why God told me the word potatoes. Then I started thinking about how delicious potatoes are. You can eat them baked with some butter and sour cream, you can mash them, you can make potato tacos, you can make scalloped potatoes. The possibilities are endless.

But that’s not what God meant when he was trying to talk to me about potatoes. I think he wanted me to be like a potato. Sorry if I just really confused you. Let me tell you a little about potatoes. Something you already probably know.

Potatoes grow underground. Under the dirt. No body see’s them, but they’re there. Growing. Under the dirt. Once they’re almost ready, they grow a nice thick skin, then the farmer harvests them and sells them to me to make delicious food with.

God wants me to be like a potato. He wants me to be okay with growing under the dirt, where no one sees. He wants me to be okay with the fact that sometimes no one will notice me, and that’s okay. But most importantly, he wants me to grow a thick skin.

I’ve got some thin skin. I never realized it until recently when I did something somewhat stupid and someone called me on it. I pretty much just wanted to dig a hole in the ground and live there forever and never let anyone see my face again, kind of like a potato!

I need to be able to have people correct me, and it not completely ruin me. I need to be okay when people say mean things to me and not be so sensitive.

I feel like God is calling me to “the ministry” as all us fancy Christians would put it. In the ministry you need thick skin because people will be nasty to you at times. That can’t totally ruin you.

I like what Pastor Donna Lasit said at a women’s conference a few months ago. She said for women that feel called to the ministry, that you need to have a “tough shell but a soft heart.” I need to work on that.

So let’s all try harder to be more like a potato and eat more potatoes because they’re delicious.

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