You Should Probably Talk To Someone About That…

Have you ever thought to yourself “I should probably talk to someone about that”?

The other day I was telling Josiah that I have a ton of tolerance for the kids, then all of a sudden I’ve lost my mind. There’s no build up, there’s no warning, I just all of a sudden go crazy! Josiah said “you should probably talk to someone about that…”

I was going to on Sunday at church, but the person that I was going to talk to was out of town, so I thought about what they’d say to me. They’d probably say something like this (and this is coming from me who knows the situation really well):

Stop confessing “I’m losing my mind,” “I’m going crazy,” and “I can’t do this.”

Take the thoughts that say “I’m losing my mind,” “I’m going crazy,” and “I can’t do this,” captive, before they become my reality.

Always fit in devotions to my day.

Keep my house clean because it makes me crazy.

But be okay with a little bit of a mess.

Pray a lot.

Worship more.

Get out of the house more.

Get a hobby.

Hangout with some friends.

Get away from the kids once in a while and go on a date. A date where I get to dress up and feel pretty. Not a cheap coffee date where we share a drink (just being real here).

But most importantly, change my confession and my thoughts. When I start to think “I’m losing my mind!” Stop it! Instead think “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

So far doing all these things have been helping tremendously, especially changing my confession and watching my thoughts. I also got a hobby! Apparently I like taking pictures with my nice camera!

So, moms, what would you add to this list to help me? And have you ever felt this way too or am I the only one?


  • Sandy Watson

    I had 3 children before I was 23.
    You are not alone in your so called “crazy”. As young MOMS we sometimes feel isolated. We love our children with an intense love, but so much of what we do for them feels like work. Other women our age are still single, going to college, and /or working their dream job while waiting for their MR. Right to come along. Child care is not readily available. But do not hesitate to ask when you need help or need a break or just find yourself craving adult conversation.

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