Have You Brought Us Here To Die?

Tonight at prayer, Pastor Kim was talking about being refreshed and not having any fear and to cast all our fear away. As I did the hand motion thing she had us do, I felt such a weight lift off of me that I didn’t even know was there.

I’ve been really stressed about finances lately, which is weird because we’re making just as little now as we have been since we’ve been married. I didn’t realize how much I was worrying about finances. I felt like God told me that I was acting like the Israelites when they left Egypt. First, they came upon the red sea and were convinced they would die at the hand of the Egyptians, but God parted the red sea and… you know the rest.

Then they were all thirsty and needed clean water and kept griping and complaining, not trusting God. They were convinced God brought them to the desert to die. They had forgot that God who parted the red sea could easily take care of them.

The Israelites forgot. They didn’t trust that the same God that parted the Red Sea would give them fresh water. Even though God had come through for them time and time again, they acted like He had never done anything for them and wanted them dead. That’s been me lately.

I’ve forgotten the countless times that God has come through for me. The same God that parted the Red Sea knows my financial struggles and will always provide and always has provided. My family has never gone hungry or had our power turned off. We are always able to pay the bills and have clothes and a house. Why do I so easily forget the wonders God has done in my life?

I felt like God told me not to forget. Not to forget that last Friday I had no money for food, and my friend secretly gave me a gift card for groceries. He told me to remember all those times that he’s provided for my family, and to remember those times when I’m having struggles, and know that God will still take care of me. God still loves me and God will always provide. I just need to trust Him, and never forget what He’s done.

I need to stop acting like the Israelites when they would ask Moses “have you brought us out here to die!?”


  • Dave D.

    Me too!

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