Don’t Curse Gods Masterpeice

Have you ever thought or said things like “I’m so ugly. I’m so fat. If only I looked like her. I wish I had a bigger butt. I wish I was skinnier. I wish my nose wasn’t so big. I wish I had blue eyes. My hair sucks. Why did I get such an ugly body?” I know that I’ve thought some of those things. I probably do at least once a day. It’s easy to do.

Let me sidetrack a little bit here to make my point. Recently I’ve been getting into photography. I asked some people if they would let me take their photos. The photos turned out beautiful. One photo in particular I really loved! The lighting, the composition, the persons face. It was just beautiful. I was really proud of how good it turned out. When the person saw it, the first thing they said was “that’s disgusting.” Well geez, thanks. I really like that you just called something that I put time and effort into, “disgusting.” That makes me feel great, not. Whether or not that person liked the way they looked, it was flat out rude to say that to me, and honestly, it really hurt my feelings. That night as I was laying in bed, I was pondering insecurity. I realized, that just as it really hurt my feelings when that person told me my picture was disgusting, it must hurt God when we call his masterpiece disgusting.

For we are God’s masterpiece…

– Ephesians 2:10 NLT

God created us. God knit you and I together in our mothers womb. God placed that mole on your face, God made you so tall, or so short. God created you just how He wanted to. God doesn’t make mistakes, God is perfect, and so is His creation. When we say or think bad things about ourselves, we’re cursing Gods masterpiece, and I doubt He likes that.

Sometimes, we also say bad things about the way other people look. It’s really immature to do that, really. Did I decide what I would look like? No. No one chooses their looks, God does. When we talk badly about other people we’re cursing Gods masterpiece. I would be really upset if I found out someone was talking crap about my kids. I would want to beat that person up. I can’t speak for God, but I bet it makes God pretty upset when we gossip about His children (actually I know so, you can go read about that here.)

Let’s all try harder to see ourselves how God sees us – a masterpiece! Something beautiful and perfect. Take those negative thoughts about yourself captive. When you start to say “I need to lose weight” say “I’m so beautiful!” instead. I’ve been really focusing on my confessions lately, and I’ve noticed a difference in the way I feel about myself.

A few weeks ago I was feeling super insecure. It was really weird. I was so worried everyone thought my outfit was dumb and I was ugly. Then I looked around the room and thought to myself “I don’t care how a single person in this room looks. None of the people in this room care how I look.” Then I literally said out loud (in front of my friend) “I’m going to stop being insecure. I’m just going to stop.” Sometimes we think things are just the way they are and nothing can change it, when really we can change it. We just have to choose to change it.

Choose to feel beautiful. And when you feel beautiful, you’ll look even more beautiful than you already are. Insecurity makes people ugly. Confidence is beautiful no matter who wears it.

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