Bless The Lord Oh My Soul, Oooooooooooh My Soul!

We sing a song at church and we all sing loud and proud ‘BLESS THE LORD OH MY SOUL, OOOOOOOH MY SOUL!” We lift our hands and groove a little to the beat. Its all spiritual and fun and I get a good feeling inside. I was at a prayer meeting the other night and we were all singing that song and I was thinking how I don’t want my lips to sing that song and my life reflect something different.


Bless – when men bless god (psa. 103:1, 2; 145:1-2 etc.). This is when they ascribe to him those characteristics which are his, acknowledge his sovereignty, express gratitude for his mercies.

Soul – mind, will and emotions.

I want my soul (mind, will and emotions) to bless God everyday. I want my emotions to bless God. I want my will to bless God. I want my mind to bless God. I want the words I speak and the things that I do to bless God. I want the way that I live my life everyday to bless God. I want my thoughts to bless God.

If someone were to secretly record you for a week, would that person see a person with good character, whose life is blessing the Lord? Or would they see someone that blesses the Lord on Sundays and Wednesdays but doesn’t live a life to prove it? I want my life to bless the Lord, not just my lips.

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