Don’t Be Proud Of Your Sin

When I was 17, I got pregnant out of wedlock. The night my boyfriend (now husband- long story) and I told my parents the news, I had to also tell all my siblings. I don’t like thinking about that night, I try to avoid going there in my mind because it almost always brings tears with it. But something beautiful happened that night.

After I told all my siblings the news, they all just sort of sat there quietly. It was awkward and embarrassing and awful. Then my oldest brother stood up, I don’t remember his exact words, but basically he told me that I wasn’t the only to have had sex outside of marriage, I just happened to get pregnant. But what stuck out to me, and what I’ve been thinking about the last few weeks, was that he said to not look at my sleeping around (it was really just with one guy) as “the good ol’ days.” He said that he knows people that are stuck glorifying their past, and they never move forward.

I hear a lot of people talk about how you shouldn’t let the shame of your past hold you back from the future God has for you. But what about the people that glorify their past? This is something not often talked about, but it should be. Our past, before Christ that is, was awful. My past, was yucky. My sin was terrible. I never want to glorify what nailed Jesus to the cross. I never want the way that I talk about my past, to cause someone to want to go do that.

I once had a friend that talked about their past, there was a lot of drugs involved. After hearing this person talk about it, I thought that drugs sounded super cool and maybe I wanted to try them because people that have done drugs have awesome stories! I never did drugs, because I’m smart, but what if I had? I could have ruined my life!

Do you glorify your past? Do you tell stories from before you were saved and wish that you still lived a sinful life? If you do, maybe you should pray that God would give you a new heart and mindset about sin. Next time you talk about your past, think to yourself “is the way that I’m about to talk about this going to cause someone younger than me to want to go and do this? Or will it help them to learn from my mistakes and not do the same stupid things?”

If I was sitting around all day wishing that I was still sneaking around and lying, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. Sometimes our past can keep us from moving into our calling that God has for us, and it’s not always because we’re so ashamed of it, sometimes it’s because we’re just a little too proud of it.


  • Dave D.

    You are a treasure to many.
    Stay focused on our Lord and He will guide you and your tribe

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