Be Faithful With Your Money

l grew up in church. I heard the verse that says something about how if you’re a cheerful giver you’ll have your money given back to you pressed down, shaken together blah blah blah (Luke 6:38). It was always if you want to be blessed by God, bless others. Give above and beyond the 10% that God requires of you.

My husband and I recently felt challenged to give more. Not to get something back in return. Just give. We haven’t been given the double double and triple triple yet, but we continue to give.

The other day I was at connect group, and we were talking about being faithful in little things and my connect leader said something that blew my mind. He said something like “I dont understand why people expect God to increase their finances, when they’re not faithful with the money they have. They don’t budget, they just do whatever they feel like doing with their money, keep getting into debt, and expect God to increase their money!” Why didn’t I ever think of that!? I’m all about not going into debt, living on a budget and saving money. I didn’t realize that what I was doing was being faithful with my money.

Maybe the reason you can’t seem to have breakthrough with your finances, isn’t because you’re not tithing or not giving, but because you aren’t faithful with the money Gods already given you. So go sit down and write a budget! If you don’t know how to, I’ve got a post about that! Just writing down a budget will help you see how much money you actually have!

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