Insecurity Is Just A Form Of Self Absorbtion

A few years ago I was thinking to myself about insecure people. I’ve never really struggled with insecurity so I probably don’t have the right to talk a lot about this. I thought to myself, “isn’t being insecure just another form of being self absorbed?” If you think about it, conceited people and insecure people have one thing in common, it’s all about them. Whether it’s about how pretty they are, or how ugly they are. Either way, they’re focusing on themselves.

The Bible tells us not to focus on ourselves. It tells us to die to ourselves. It tells us to set our eyes upon Christ. I don’t know a lot, but it seems to me, that if we just change our focus from our flaws, our mistakes, our past, our fill in the blank, to Jesus, all those insecurities wouldn’t matter as much. If our eyes are truly set on Christ, the way we look, good or bad, doesn’t seem to matter. The way we think others perceive us, just don’t seem to be as important to us anymore.

Here’s the thing about insecurities, specifically about your looks. No one cares. Really, honestly. No one cares what outfit you wear, no one cares if your butt is big. The people that do care, don’t matter. Who cares what others think? God thinks you are beautiful! He created you just how He wanted to. He made your butt big (or small)! He loves everything about you! Why can’t we just love ourselves a little bit more?

If girls took the amount of time and energy that they spend on worrying about what others think, and put that towards focusing on others, what would the world look like? What if instead of constantly comparing ourselves to others, we complimented others? What if instead of spending years of our life worrying about how cute we look, we put that time towards praying for our lost friends? Just think of all the time we waste worrying about how we look! How we look is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things!

Let’s get morbid for a second. At your funeral, do you want people to say things like “wow, she was really beautiful.” Or do you want people to say things like “she was such an awesome servant. She was so selfless and loved to help others. She put her insecurities aside and let God use her in awesome ways!”

When we focus on ourselves, we can become two things. We can become conceited, or we can become insecure. They’re both bad. When we focus our eyes upon Christ, we become selfless. We don’t care how we look, so we’re able to really help others. Sometimes following Christ, you’ll look really stupid. That’s okay! Embrace your flaws! Be okay with them! God is! It doesn’t matter how you look! Stop wasting your time by worrying about your insecurities! Set your eyes upon Christ!


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