Day By Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about the day to day things we do. It sort of seems to be the theme of my heart this year. I’ve already sort of written about this a little bit, but I want to talk more about it, because I think it’s really important.

Several months ago my husband and I drove around and thanked God for a couple hours. We both felt like it was the start of something. We felt like we were suppose to start focusing on just living for Christ daily. When it doesn’t feel all special and spiritual. Just reading our Bible and praying. Being obedient to whatever God tells us to do. We started doing that. Everyday, we would pray, we started giving more, we would (try to) read our Bibles everyday. It didn’t feel special. It just started feeling normal. Like it was just part of our routine. Having God time daily.

What started happening wasn’t too shocking, but it was a little. God started speaking to us! Wow! How cool! He started telling us to do things, and we listened. Josiah says that it’s been like compound interest. You just start little, but it grows and grows. I like the snowball effect example better. Once you start serving God a little everyday, it grows and grows, and you start doing better and better. You start praying longer and longer, you start digging deeper and deeper.

The other day something happened. I won’t go into specifics because it’s one of those things that I want to treasure in my heart until it happens. But God started speaking something very specific to Josiah and I about what we’re called to do. It was very strange. My entire life I was suppose to be a missionary. That’s it. Nothing more. Okay, maybe a midwife too, but that fit into the plan. Then God was like “Boom! Plan change!” We still feel called to be missionaries, and we feel like what he’s calling us to do fits into that perfectly. It’s just cool to us that we’ve been serving God faithfully these last several months and God is beginning to do things in us. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though, really.

My husband is posting a post this week all about just doing the right things everyday, and it’s really good. That’s what being a Christian is all about. It’s not about getting really excited at a camp or conference and then falling away a few months later. It’s about doing the right things everyday.

A few days ago, I felt like God wanted me to start asking Him every morning what His assignment for that day is. The first day I thought I heard God say “clean the house and be productive.” I thought “that wasn’t God!” I didn’t clean the house. God knows me pretty well. He knows that when my house is messy I get a little cray cray. I sort of lose it. God also knew that that specific day my kids would be extra screamy and naughty. The combination of the two wasn’t good for my sanity. I sort of had a major meltdown that day. That night, as the boys were sleeping, I told Josiah that if I had just cleaned the house that day, I wouldn’t have felt so overwhelmed by the boys being crazy. Then I remembered that God had told me to clean the house. So I decided that even if I think it’s just my own voice in my head, I’ll obey, because it’s most likely God. If God can trust me to clean my house when he tells me to, or to have a good attitude, he can probably trust me with even bigger things. I want God to ask me to do crazy awesome things, but if I can’t even do the little things that seem to not matter, He’s not going to ask me to do those cool things!

I’m really glad that I’ve been serving God daily. It’s been great for my family and my marriage. God has been talking to me and Josiah a lot. I will never again think that doing boring things everyday for God doesn’t matter. It matters a lot!

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