Blessings Post #2

Today Josiah went to an appointment with his nutritionist/acupuncturist. She works at an Organic Spa. While he was getting checked in, one of the midwives I apprentice under walked in and got some vouchers for a free 2 hour spa treatment. They were given to them so they could recommend it to their clients. Josiah told the lady that she should give him one for me, since I apprentice there. She totally did! I get to go to the spa with all the awesome midwives! I’m so excited! It really couldn’t have happened on a better day. Today has been awful. I had coffee way too late last nigh so I was up all night and then super tired today and the kids didn’t take naps. Anyways, I got a 2 hour voucher for the spa with some awesome midwives. I’m really excited. Thank you God!

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