It’s not all about feeling groovy

My pastor talks about how being a Christian isn’t always about a groovy feeling, and being a Christian means living a godly life even when it doesn’t feel all spiritual and mystical. So many people are searching for a groovy spiritual feeling, but that’s not what Christianity is about. Jesus said to pick up our cross and follow Him. Being a Christian does have it’s groovy moments, when I’m at church worshipping and the presence of God is so thick I can feel it, that’s pretty cool. It’s a fun feeling. But what about when that feeling isn’t there? What do I do when I don’t feel Gods presence and don’t feel all groovy and teary eyed?

I serve God. I still pray, I still read my Bible. I live everyday trying to live like how God told me to in His Holy Bible. I tithe when we have lots of money or only a little. I go to church even when I’ve been up all night with a crying baby. We go to church even when we don’t want to, because we have a little 2 year old watching and absorbing everything that we do. We don’t always feel an overwhelming sense of Gods presence, but we always try to walk out a holy life. At a meeting with our pastors, our pastor said “you probably don’t feel like you’re doing anything great, but just living, breathing and doing it while serving God means you’re doing great.”

I don’t want to get bored with doing the mundane things every day. I don’t want to go on a hunt for a mystical spiritual experience. Those types of experiences don’t last unless it’s followed through with a sometimes boring, but devoted life to Christ.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my life. I have always felt called to be a missionary. Ever since I was little kid. I sometimes am disappointed that I haven’t been a missionary yet. But then I realized that God won’t use someone as a missionary that won’t just serve Him day to day, when it seems boring. I don’t want to waste my life away wishing I was a missionary, that I miss out on all the awesome things I could be doing right where I am! I have neighbors, I have friends that don’t know Christ. I want to be used by God whether I’m in the mission field, or living in my hometown. I want to be content where God has me placed, and learn that I am called to serve God and help others where I am, not where I want to be. I think God has called me to be a missionary, and I truly believe I will be one day. But I don’t want to miss out on opportunities that God is putting in front of me, because I’m too focused on what I want to be. I want to be faithful and fruitful where I am right now. I don’t just want to have these awesome dreams of being a missionary, but I want to walk the path that will actually take me there.

If you’re feeling like you’re not doing anything great, just know, if you’re living life and breathing, but all while serving God, you’re doing it right! Good job!


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